problemi sa `novim` 4N13 mitsubishi dizel motorom
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problemi sa `novim` 4N13 mitsubishi dizel motorom

od laki72 » Pet Maj 02, 2014 3:30 pm

Mitsubishi—11MY to 12MY ASX SUV's with 4N13 Diesel Engine
PRA number: 2013/13910
Date published: 16th December 2013
Product information
Product description
11MY to 12MY ASX SUV's with 4N13 diesel engine piston ring sticking prevention
Identifying features
Campaign number: 010071
Target number: 1588
What are the defects?
The piston rings may become stuck due to soot deposits accumulated in the piston ring grooves.
What are the hazards?
As a result, the pistons may overheat and melt due to excessive blow-by gasses. This may cause the engine to stall or become impossible to restart, posing a potential traffic hazard to road users.
Where the product was sold

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